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Rafael Martinez Guerrero

Chief Engineer, USIT, Norway

About Emc2Net

Emc2Net is my homepage where projects, articles and presentations I had scattered all over the Internet since the 90' have been moved. All future articles and projects will also be published on this website.
My name is Rafael Martinez Guerrero and I am working at the Center for Information Technology at the University of Oslo. During the past few years I have been a member of the Department for IT Infrastructure working with system monitoring, data analytics, automation and trending.
I have contributed to several open source projects during the last 20 years. PgBackMan and Zabbix-CLI are the two main active projects I work with, and you will find information about them at Emc2Net.
You will find new articles about sysadm, monitoring, automation, programming, data analytics and trending at Emc2Net. A selection of articles in Spanish published at my two former websites PostgreSQL-ES and Linux-ES are also available at the Spanish version of Emc2Net.
A selection of presentations I have given at conferences during the last 10 years can be found at Emc2Net.