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PgBackMan - Release version 1.1.0

A new PgBackMan release is available. 

New features

  • Add functionality to stop automatically all backup definitions for databases that have been deleted with DROP DATABASE or renamed in the PgSQL nodes running them.
  • The affected backup definitions will get a DELETED status and all files associated to the affected backup definitions will be kept only for the period of time defined by the automatic_deletion_retention parameter for the PgSQL node that was running the deleted database.
  • The associated files will get deleted regardless of the retention_period and retention_redundancy values for the affected backup definitions.
  • Possibility of pausing replication on slaves nodes when taking backups of large databases to avoid the termination of the backup process by postgreSQL.
  • Possibility of activating sending of alerts via SMTP when a backup, snapshot or restore terminates with an error message.
  • Overview of databases without backup definitions in the PgSQL nodes registered in PgBackMan.
  • Possibility of defining a backup definition in one run for all databases in a PgSQL node without defined backup definitions.
  • More parameters available when searching for backups in the catalog.
  • Possibility of viewing snapshots and restores in progress.
  • Add the possibility to define the release version of pg_dump / pg_dumpall to use when taking a backup of type snapshot.
  • Use PgSQL node and database information in the central PgBackMan logfile.
  • Automatic upgrade of the 'pgbackman' database to a new version via the PgBackMan shell.

Migration to 1.1.0

It is very important to check the upgrade procedure to version 1.1.0 in the documentation to avoid problems and errors when and after upgrading to the new version.

Check the documentation:

[All versions]:


  • The parameter channel_check_interval is not supported. Update pgbackman command show_pgbackman_config to not show this information.
  • Add dependency information for psycopg2. We need at least version 2.4 to avoid problems when executing pgbackman.
  • Fix problems restoring backups with several almost identical roles that include each others.
  • Include GRANT ... TO ... GRANTED BY .... statements in the roles backup file. We did not this if If they did not own something or had privileges in the database we were backing up
  • Use copytruncate with logrotate to truncate the old log file after taken a copy. We do not have functionality to tell pgbackman to close its logfile, therefor it continued writing (appending) to the previous log file forever.
  • Change the default pg_dump / pg_restore format to directory. We need to use this format insteed of custom if we want to have the possibility of dumping data in parallel with pg_dump.
  • Fix a problem when deleting a backup definition by dbname and having snapshots backups in our system. We delete data only from backup definitions and not snapshot definitions.
  • Standardize the use of all/* values for some parameters. It was not used consistently.
  • Delete /etc/pgbackman.conf as a configuration file possibility. Only /etc/pgbackman/pgbackman.log and $HOME/.pgbackman/pgbackman.conf are valid now, and the version under the home directory of the user running PgBackMan will have preference (if it exists) to the central configuration file.
  • Fix that command inputs with only spaces crashed the pgbackman shell.

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