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The Linux-ES project, also known as “The Linux Corner” was inaugurated in 1998 and was one of the first websites about Linux in Spanish.

At that time the Linux project was in its beginnings, the need for information, documentation and help regarding this operating system and related issues was enormous. This situation was the reason for creating a website about Linux. Along with other websites like the “Lucas project”, “Insflug” or multitude of “Spanish Linux users groups”, Linux-ES was part of the Spanish-speaking ecosystem that was created around Linux in those years.

“The Linux Corner” hosted for years mirror copies of all the documentation from the “Lucas project”, “Insflug” and “The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP)”, hosted and coordinated the document “FAQ about Linux” and also hosted and coordinated the translation of the PHP manual to Spanish.

“The Linux Corner” went through different stages during the years it was online, with some periods more active than others. October 28, 1998 at 20:04:20 local time the official opening of this website was announced in different mailing lists and newsgroups about LINUX and the first visitor was at 20:21:25 from a computer in Spain. During the first month online, more than 25,000 document requests from 1,151 different machines were processed, and 558MB were transferred. During the best years of the web, more than 4 million document requests from 150,000 different machines were processed and around 40GB of data were transfered in a month.

Over the years, Linux grew to unimaginable levels in the 90’s, and different distributions of Linux tok over the responsibility of supporting their users. Because of this, the need for a website with general information about Linux became less and less important and this is the reason why “The Linux Corner” after a few years in decline closed in June 2017 after more than 18 years online.

I leave you an archive with a selection of articles published in “The Linux Corner” during the years.

One of the last snapshots of LINUX-ES in the “Internet Archive” is available at this URL: http://web.archive.org/web/20170615121611/http://www.linux-es.org/